HAPPY NEW YEAR! Something new to view - I was trying to find the hideous but hysterical version of Urban Spaceman I did on "3, 2, 1," many moons ago - but I accidentally found this homage to "Team America"! Enjoy...

Please keep noticing the petition on your right! And getting friends to sign it! Bonnie has completed her brilliant history of Innes Book of Records - well, she keeps adding to it - but it is a "must see" so see it on www.neilInnes.org

Bonnie has also done some fabulous animation for a FREE DVD (of clips from Innes Book of Records) that is only available with the new "Le Duck's" Box Set of "Recollections". Danny Barbour had the original idea of making my back catalogue available on CD. He found all the tapes and vinyl and chose the running orders for a series of 3 "limited edition" CDs - 2000 copies of each - entitled "Recollections". People kept asking for them long after they all sold out. So if you missed out the first time, "Recollections 1, 2, and 3" are now available in a Box Set from IBORshop. They have been remastered again - and sound even better - warmed up by valves - honest! You CAN hear the difference!

So far 800+ people have signed. We are going to NEED MANY MORE than this - if we are to persuade the Powers That Be. We will need everybody who has signed to tell at least 5 other people to sign and for all of them to each tell at least 5 other people to sign so that 200 becomes 1000 and 5000 becomes - well, you get the idea.

We are STILL going to need at least a couple of million signatures. Not impossible when you think that the second series - when it was opposite the 9 o Clock News - got more than 7 million viewers.

The live show in 2013 is called "Another Chance To Get It Right". Dates will be posted soon. I'm not doing so many because I'll be writing and recording most of this year. YES! ALL NEW STUFF! The Idiot Bastards are also all over the place - we may manage to play Glastonbury at the end of June.

The new show will feature "The Wheel of Four Tunes" and a volunteer from the audience will get to operate "The Lucky Brake". I think I've said enough...

Thanks again for visiting, I welcome your feedback - you can now email me here:
neil@innesbookofrecords.com I WILL get back to you - maybe not straight away...

PS. “Innes Own World – Best Bits – Part One and Part Two are also available again so please visit the Shop

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