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Disappointing Petition Support

Spring has officially begun and the tireless Woodpecker in the garden is giving me a headache just thinking about what it is that he or she is required by Nature to do - and the blinding speed at which it is done.

I also feel I'm am banging my head against something hard that is offering more resistance than I bargained for - not that I'm implying woodpeckers have any bargaining rights, nor that they seek them - whatever, I am convinced that it will be nice - for both of us - when it can stop.

The petition to bring back Innes Book Of Records to our small, not so small and bloody enormous ever flatter screens is languishing at a mere 400 or so votes.

At this rate it is not going to happen.

It may be of course that not enough people know about it - and I dare say that not enough TLC has been directed to this humble website - my fault entirely - but unless all those who keep asking me when IBOR will be made available again start talking to one another and spreading the word about the petition...

In the spirit of IBOR I am teaming up with Des Burkinshaw to make:

"A People's Guide To World Domination - The MOVIE!"

At one point we thought that a 7 camera shoot of one of the shows would satisfy increasing Public Demand and Irresistible Posterity Issues - but we decided that a Live Show should remain a Live Show and a movie, based on and featuring the Live Show Audiences would be much more fun to make and watch.

Must get on, much to do, please sign the petition if you didn't notice it on the way here...

xxx Neil